Ministry & Programs

Reverend Eva Cameron

Relational, light-hearted, experienced, and joyous are just a few of the words that come to mind when we think about Eva. It has been an exciting adventure getting to know her. We were struck by her innate ability to engage with a small group of people. She took time to make sure we were all heard and was truly interested in learning more about us personally, as well as the life of our church. Our conversations deepened beyond the surface and gave rise to insight and wisdom that stuck with us long after we parted. Her worship service was light hearted and we all still talk about the sermon she gave that was moving, relatable, insightful, and left us with an idea that we saw present in our everyday lives.  One member of the Search Committee, Ken Swanson, said it best:

“While there were many talented ministers seeking congregations, finding the one that we felt really matched this congregation, and then have her accept, is very special. Every time I got to share time with Eva, I felt both a purpose and joy in our conversations. She was always intent on listening just as much as sharing her own insight and knowledge.  I am very excited about this opportunity the church now has to write a new chapter in it’s life.”

Some more about Eva…

Eva is an experienced minister, having served both large and small congregations.  She has been the minister at Cedar Valley Unitarian Universalist Church since 2005.  She has also served in congregations in Illinois, Michigan and Oklahoma.  She graduated from Meadville Lombard Theological School in 1988.

In addition to her service as a minister, Eva has also served as a Regional Transitions Coach and has provided services for cancer survivors.  She has organized a Peacekeepers Corps, chaired the Cedar Valley Interfaith Council and taught Ministerial Formation as an adjunct professor.  Eva has organized retreats, been a member of the Blackhawk Evangelical Association, has been a Girl Scouts Cluster Leader and has spoken before the Parliament of World Religions.  Eva has a relationship with the UU community in the Kashi Hills of India, and has spent time there recently.  There is much more to Eva’s resume, and it will be exciting to hear about her adventures as we get to know her.

Eva’s family roots are here in New England, especially in New Hampshire, although she has lived in other parts of the country and grew up in a multi-cultural environment in Chicago.  She is single and has grown children as well as a loving Doberman named Sophie.  She loves the outdoors, especially fishing, canoeing and hiking.  She is open, warm and joyous.  Eva believes in a ministry that is collaborative and creative and is built on loving relationships.  She draws on the wisdom of all faith traditions and loves to sing.

Music Director, Fran Pierce

Fran received a degree in Music Education from Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam, NY and a MEd from Antioch College.   Fran taught music for 33 years until retiring in 2014.  She has performed with Roger Pierce as Tamarac for 30 years and founded the One World Coffee House (1994-2017). Fran has been a member of the church for over 25 years.

Administration & Operations

The officers of the church are elected annually at the church meeting (first Sunday in May).

The current officers are:

* Moderator – Jennifer Sauriol –

* Secretary – Tori Rosati –

* Treasurer – Tom Duff

Trustees are elected for three year terms. Our current trustees are:

* Neil Bassom

* Liz Lenart

* Lyn Towne-Smith

* Bill Vachon

*Becky Axlerod

The Board meets monthly, usually at the church on the third Wednesday, 6PM Pot luck, with the meeting starting at 6:30PM. Board meetings are open to the congregation. Prior to attending, check with a Board member to confirm date and location.


We have a a great group of various committees that help us to run and grow our congregation. Let us know if you are interested in learning more – there is always room for more hands!

Religious Education
Building and Grounds
Coffee House
Care & Hospitality
Transition Committee
Social Justice