ECCO is made up of faith communities from across the North Shore who have come together to build a powerful alliance, deeply rooted in the concerns and faith values of the community.  

We are currently working on three fronts with this great group:

  1. Immigrant rights and a safe-driving bill granting licenses to undocumented immigrants

  2. Beloved Community organizing to promote dialogue and understanding in the community between police and residents, with a special focus on issues of race/ethnicity

  3. A State wide ballot initiative to create a second level of taxation for state income tax for those making over $1,000,000/year.  This is a three year effort to amend the state constitution to allow for the implementation for a graduated income tax in Massachusetts.

Click here for the ECCO website


Below is a good article regarding a rally that many from UU Essex took part in last week.  If you are against the raids and deportation that the ICE is taking part in please contact Sherriff Cousins of Essex County and ask him not to sign federal law 287G, agreeing to cooperate to hunt down and help turn over people to ICE

Sheriff Frank Cousins: 978-750-1900