About Us

We invite people of all backgrounds and faiths, and those questioning faith, or with no faith, to join with us on your journey of spiritual development. Like most Unitarian Universalists (UUs), the majority of us came to UU from another tradition – there’s probably someone here treading the same path as you.

Few of us believe our spiritual growth is complete, and we are committed to helping one another evolve in a supportive environment. We don’t have all the answers, but we believe that we make better progress on our individual journeys as part of a group of fellow travelers doing the same.

UUs are not required to sign on to a formal statement of beliefs, or “creed,” but we find the UU “Seven Principles” (reference to the list in the booklet) a useful summary of the goals to aim for in interacting with one another and with the wider world. Putting our faith into action is important to us in this congregation, and, like most UU groups, we are active in social justice struggles.

If our perspective sounds interesting please drop by one Sunday at 10, meet us, and find out more. We’re a friendly crowd – and the coffee’s good!