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 Sunday Services 10:00 AM  

Photo by Mike Dyer

Our Minister - Eva Cameron

Eva is an experienced minister, having served both large and small congregations.  Before joining us, she was the minister at Cedar Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa since 2005.  She has also served in congregations in Illinois, Michigan and Oklahoma.  She graduated from Meadville Lombard Theological School in 1988.

In addition to her service as a minister, Eva has also served as a Regional Transitions Coach and has provided services for cancer survivors.  She has organized a Peacekeepers Corps, chaired the Cedar Valley Interfaith Council, and taught Ministerial Formation as an adjunct professor.  Eva has organized retreats, been a member of the Blackhawk Evangelical Association, has been a Girl Scouts Cluster Leader and has spoken before the Parliament of World Religions.  Eva has a relationship with the UU community in the Kashi Hills of India, and has spent time there recently.  

Eva’s family roots are here in New England, especially in New Hampshire. She has lived in other parts of the country though and grew up in a multi-cultural environment in Chicago.  She has grown children as well as a loving Doberman named Sophie.  She loves the outdoors, especially fishing, canoeing and hiking.  She is open, warm and joyous.  Eva believes in a ministry that is collaborative and creative and is built on loving relationships.  She draws on the wisdom of all faith traditions and loves to sing.

Please come and join Eva and our loving community for both fellowship and a rediscovery of your own personal spiritual journey.

First Universalist Church of Essex

59 Main Street

Essex, MA 01929


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