First Universalist Church of Essex

Weekly Update

Leftover Sunday! December 1st @ 11am

Please join us for a meal in lieu of Coffee Hour. 

This Sunday

As part of our Annual Theme of Recentering  . . . Please join Rev. Eva in a service honoring the National Day of Mourning which was called by the Native Americans of New England starting in 1970. 

Prayer List... In Our Thoughts and Prayers:

Lindle's brother, who is undergoing chemo and radiation for his brain cancer. 

Mike Attridge who started a new cancer treatment recently.

To all of those in our congregation, and to their loved ones, we send sincere, heartfelt messages of healing and comfort.

Upcoming Events:

12/1 (Sun) @ 11:00am

Leftover Sunday

12/2 (Mon) @ 6:30pm Tai Chi

12/3 (Tues) @ 7:00pm PFLAG

12/4 (Wed) @ 7:00pm Advent Meditation

12/5 (Thurs) @ 2:00pm Open Door

Leftover Sunday:

On Sunday, December 1, in lieu of coffee hour, we will again enjoy our traditional Leftover Sunday after the service.  Everyone please save some leftovers from your Thanksgiving meal and bring it to share with everyone. It could be some turkey, side dishes, bread or dessert.  (We have never organized who will bring what type of food, but this randomness somehow has always seemed to work.) 

We will need some folks to come about 9 am to help set up the buffet table as well as tables and chairs where folks can eat.  Please let Becky know if you can help with this set up.  

Everyone please bring all food downstairs a few minutes before our 10 am service starts.  We will have ovens on for warming anything that needs it.

Hope to see many of you as we keep alive our UU FAMILY TRADITION!

Family Promise Toy Collection

Family Promise is collecting holiday gift donations and event volunteer sign-ups to help add joy to the families' holiday seasons.

Family Promise Holiday Fair - Wednesday, December 11 and Thursday, December 12

Family Promise organizes a holiday fair for the current resident families, as well as for families that have graduated from the program and are now living independently.  The mothers and kids request certain toys, clothes and other gift items. Volunteers buy items of their choice from these lists. Volunteers also work at the Holiday Fair locations by setting up the "stores", helping the Moms select their items, or wrapping and tagging the gifts.  Learn about all the ways you could help by clicking on this link.

Thanks, Becky

Open Door

The Open Door date is Thursday, Dec. 5th, and volunteers can show up from 2-4pm for cooking & food prep, 4-7 for serving and cleanup. See Lacey with questions.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is being held each Monday evening at 6:30pm in the basement of our church. Beginners are welcome! Often referred to as "meditation in motion", Tai Chi movements are done slowly, in combination with mindful breath patterns, mental focus and relaxation. Feel free to stop by just to observe if you would like. For more information contact jenney Harkness @ 978-768-6630 or email

Advent Meditation

Eva and Art will lead Advent meditations on three Wednesdays at 7:00pm: Dec 4th, 11th, and 18th.

Conserving Heat

We ask that the last person to leave the church please shut the double doors in the church foyer to conserve heat. Thank you!

Building Committee

We have installed a NEST system (using Google Technology) that alerts smart phones in case of a fire.

Click here for the full Building Committee Report


Interested in Membership or learning more about the UU Faith? Please see Rev. Eva to schedule an appointment.

Google Calendar 

Click here to access the church calendar from a web browser. If you are a user of Google Calendar, you can enter ID: and add our calendar to your line-up of calendars (on your phone or on a browser). We welcome suggestions on how church events and information are shared. Please email Laurel 

Publishing Information: 

The Weekly Update is sent out by Eva each week.  Please send information about events and happenings to Laurel by Wednesday.

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