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URGENT APPEALGrace Center, Fifth Friday

Once again, there are five Fridays this month, so on Friday, January 31, our congregation will provide lunch for the guests at the Grace Center. For the past few months, to pay for the main dish, which we purchase from The Causeway restaurant, money has been raised by several generous congregants giving donations of $10 or $20, rather than one or two larger donations. We currently have only one donation toward purchasing the main dish. Please help by donating a modest sum, so we can continue this tradition of shared giving.  Alternatively, If you could be present on the 31st to help make the rest of the meal or contribute by making brownies beforehand, please let Becky know. The guests are truly appreciative!

This Sunday:

One of the biggest challenges of being human is to come to terms with things we have no control over illness, death, the weather, other people, and so on. Each religion offers answers to these situations. Rev. Eva plans to explore some of the things she has learned from her own out-of-my-hands moments, in a two-part series on Letting Go. 

Upcoming Events:

1/26 (Sun) at 6:30pm Writers Group

1/27 (Mon) at 6:30pm Tai Chi

1/31 (Fri) at 12:00pm Grace Center

Prayer List... In Our Thoughts and Prayers:

Pat Murphy, says "I am off one chemo pill for a while and feeling some definite improvement. The prayers are working!"  Let's continue to send her healing thoughts and prayers. 

Lindle's brother, who is undergoing chemo and radiation for his brain cancer.

Mike Attridge, is still having trouble eating . . . but the new cancer therapy seems to be slowing the growth of his cells. 

To all of those in our congregation, and to their loved ones, we send sincere, heartfelt messages of healing and comfort.  

Please let us know if you would like to be added to this list, or have a loved one to add. 

Family Promise

Our next turn to host the families at the Congregational Church comes up again on Monday and Tuesday, February 10 and 11.  If you could host (5:30 to 9:00 pm) or stay overnight (9 pm to 7 am) on either night, please let us know.  We will also devise a menu and ask for help with cooking, but the first priority is to get a team of hosts.  Many thanks, Debbie and Becky

Common Read

Join me in reading the book Through a Portagee Gate by Charles Reis Felix. It's first hand account of an immigrant experience, to me seemed like a useful way to "re-center" myself. It is available on Amazon

I have heard from a few people--but please let me know if you want to join in, so we can set a schedule that works for most. We can talk about our experiences in reading the book. And then perhaps have some people share their own family's stories of immigration. ~Eva

Fair Fight Fundraiser

It's critical to get funding for the 2020 elections to ensure safe voting practices. Fair Fight is an organization that works for equitable voting practices across the USA. Please join us on Saturday, April 4th 5pm-8pm at True North Brewery in Ipswich for a Fair Fight fundraiser. Enjoy great food and local music. This is a non-partisan event in that it ensures all voting rights. For more info, email: 

Christmas Eve Collection

Thanks to everyone who gave to our Christmas Eve collection.  The Board of Trustees had voted to donate half of the collection to ECCO (Essex County Community Organization).  We are pleased to announce that we sent $984.00 to ECCO this week.  This will help ECCO continue the fantastic work of advocating for immigrant rights, economic justice and racial justice.

Hullabaloo and Auction

Our Hullabloo will be on February 29!  Get ready for some fun.  We are looking for one or two people to chair the spaghetti dinner portion of the evening.  Bethany Swanson will take the lead on organizing the talent show.  Thanks you, Bethany!

We are also looking for someone to take the lead on our annual Auction.  We have a strong group of people who have already volunteered to serve on the Auction committee, but need someone head it.  This is a major fundraiser for the church.  Let's make it a success!

Please let Debbie or Eva know if you can help with either of these (really fun!) events.

Open Door

Upcoming Open Door dates include Thursdays, March 5th and April 2nd. See Lacey for details.

Revised UBU 2020 Schedule

Meetings are from 6 to 8pm at the Gould's home: Feb. 2 and 16, March 1, 15 and 29, April 12 and 26.

Conserving Heat

We ask that the last person to leave the church please shut the double doors in the church foyer to conserve heat. Thank you!


Interested in Membership or learning more about the UU Faith? Please see Rev. Eva to schedule an appointment.

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